• High pressure oil free oxygen booster in china

    In order to cope with the increasingly serious COVID-19. In order to help more countries to deal with COVID-19, Keepwin introduced advanced technology and developed an oxygen compressor in time. This

    2021/08/06 keepwin

  • Keepwin 2D12 reciprocating compressor operation test

    To ensure the quality of the compressor. Ensure that the instruments meet the requirements of customers。After the keepwin compressor is assembled. We will invite the customer to join in the operation

    2020/05/26 keepwin

  • How to keep yourself safe from new coronavirus?

    To prevent catching the infection, here's what you can do:1. Wear masks outdoors• Wearing a mask is one of the most effective ways to protect you from getting infected as the virus is predominantl

    2020/04/22 keepwin

  • Keepwin Team League Building

    To further strengthen the team cooperation ability and the cohesion of the enterprise, we need to carry out an interesting expansion activity. Here are the team outdoor activity plans and interesting

    2020/04/23 keepwin

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